Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Celeb Chat?

    Celeb Chat connects Celebs with their fans through exclusive live chats.

  • Is Celeb Chat similar to Instagram live?

    Not really. IG live is a livestream of an individual or two. Celeb Chat is group video chats. Most Celeb Chat’s allow a max of 10 participants for an up close and personal experience with the Celeb.

  • I want to request a chat with a Celeb. What do I need to do?

    Hop on the site. Choose the length of your liking and send off your request! Within no time you’ll hear back from the Celeb with a confirmation on the time.

  • I booked a Celeb Chat and can no longer make it. Can I reschedule?

    Unfortunately, you cannot reschedule a booked Celeb Chat. Celebs confirm specific times they are available.

  • What if someone harasses the host or makes the host feel uncomfortable in any way?

    Every Happy Hour will be recorded and often will be attended to ensure this does not happen.